Connect smart tv with computer via wifi. How to connect the TV to the computer via a network cable.

  1. Smart TV receiver connector is a must
  2. Wireless connections in your home network
  3. Reliable home network outlets
  4. Settings on the computer:
  5. Settings on the TV:
  6. What is needed to connect the TV to the computer
  7. Watching IPTV on TV from a computer

Internet connectivity and additional applications turn the television into an interactive multimedia device in the home lounge. However, for this to be possible, you need to connect a TV to your local network .

The newest generation has a very wide range of web functions, communication and multimedia messages . Allows the user to browse Internet resources, launch and use applications, play videos from YouTube, use online video rental and play content in streaming mode. However, each of these features requires. In this case, it is possible to transfer materials such as photos, movies and music from a computer to a TV through your home network . Even a firmware update (firmware) for a Smart TV receiver can be implemented using a local network. Therefore, connecting the TV to a local network becomes as necessary as a satellite dish or power connector.

Smart TV receiver connector is a must

Through the connector, the Smart TV network receiver makes contact with the router on the Internet and with all other devices connected to home network , for example, with a computer or with a US server containing a collection of music and movies. Televisions are capable of not only retrieving data from the Internet, but also play digital content from devices within a local network and exchange multimedia content with these devices.

Most models of Smart TV are equipped with a connector through which you can connect them to a wireless LAN network. In addition, it is possible to connect the receiver to a wireless WLAN . Some televisions have an integrated WLAN module designed for this purpose. Others connect to the network via the external WLAN module as a USB key.

It is best to connect the TV to the router or ethernet switch using a regular network cable. Traditional ethernet cable connection provides high speed data transmission. In addition, almost insensitive to interference. With the help of a network cable, you can even transfer video in Full HD (1080p) format from a computer to a TV, without fear of "stuttering" during playback. Moreover, such a connection is safer, because it allows you to create a closed loop of the network to which uninvited "guests" will not get access - provided correct setting router. Huge drawback network fixed line is the need to pull the network cable to the TV.

Wireless connections in your home network

Wanting to connect your TV Smart TV to the local network and to the Internet, it is not at all necessary to pull the cable, and even more so to install sockets in the walls. A wireless network will give you more freedom when setting up a television. A radio connection to a WLAN network is extremely practical, especially since most homes have a router, so the amount of work is limited to configuring the wireless settings on the TV.

In some TVs, WLAN modules are installed inside the case, in others they are connected via an optional external module. The last of these is simply inserted into the USB connector, and then adjusted from the TV menu. In addition to the type and location of the WLAN card, both of these options do not differ from each other in terms of use.

If you are going to purchase a WLAN module in the USB version, determine the model recommended by the manufacturer for your TV. Although you can connect to a USB port and any other USB dongle with network adapter WLAN , but you may experience compatibility issues with the driver for the internal TV software. The problem is that each USB device , has a permanently assigned manufacturer identifier. On its basis, manufacturers of smart TV receivers have the ability to determine the manufacturer of the module, and in software TVs, for example, block someone else's WLAN card.

When you connect your TV to a wireless network, you must bear in mind that the range of WLAN waves depends, to a great extent, on local conditions. The propagation of WLAN waves inside rooms is hindered by the rebound phenomenon associated primarily with elements made of metal, reinforced concrete and glass, as well as plasterboard partitions. The farther away the TV is located from the router and the more walls, ceilings, glass doors and interior items are between these two devices, the worse and slower the wireless connection will be.

The farther away the TV is located from the router and the more walls, ceilings, glass doors and interior items are between these two devices, the worse and slower the wireless connection will be

Reliable home network outlets

If ethernet networks scare you with their tangles of wires, and wireless network WLAN seems too sensitive to interference, you can transfer data over the network ... electric current your apartment. True, solutions of this type - PowerLine or HomePlug - are not so much, and they are less resistant to interference, however, in the case of short distances, this should not have an effect on data transmission.

The great advantage of the PowerLine network is simple installation. Convenient network modules that are very similar in shape and size Charger mobile phone , must be put in the power jacks. After that, PowerLine modules are usually ready for operation. One of the PowerLine modems is connected with an ethernet cable to the Internet router and then placed in the nearest outlet. The second modem is connected similarly to the TV and outlet. This is enough to establish a connection with the TV through the power system of the house.

The speed of data transmission in PowerLine networks exceeds the speed of data transmission in WLAN networks. When using the HomePlug AV standard, you can theoretically get a transfer of up to 500 Mbps. Top performance when using the new standard HomePlug AV2 reaches 1 Gb / s. However, in both cases real speed Data transmission depends on the quality and properties of the wiring systems.

Although PowerLine networks are perceived as safer than wireless WLANs , they do not achieve the same level of security as cable networks Ethernet According to the manufacturers, the data flow is cut off at the energy meter. Despite this, it is recommended that you protect your PowerLine network by setting a password. It turns out to be particularly justified in apartment buildings. If the current is distributed correctly within the house, the neighbor will not be able to capture your data, because the electricity meter is placed at the end of the household electrical circuit , is an insurmountable barrier to flow transmitted information . However, the average user cannot independently verify the distribution of electricity in his home.

Home Plug modems handle multiple phases - provided that all three phases are conducted parallel to all objects. In older buildings this is not so obvious. So, if control LEDs signaling the readiness of the ethernet network do not light up, this should not mean a failure of the PowerLine modems. In this situation, the solution may be an interphase connector, which is sold in electrical stores. Remember, however, that a device of this type must be installed by a qualified mechanic.

Most modern SMART-TVs are equipped with at least a LAN-port to connect it to the Internet through a router. In this case, on TV you can not only surf the Internet, but also watch movies from computers connected to the same network. But the router is still not in every apartment, but I want to watch movies and get on the Internet from the TV. What to do? You can connect the TV to the computer via the LAN connector directly. For this we need network cable .
Note: There may be a slight difficulty - the usual "direct" ethernet cable may not be suitable, although modern network cards are able to "turn over" the cable logically. Then you will need to try a reverse LAN cable (the so-called "Cross-over").

We include one end of the network patch cord; we include it on the network adapter of the computer:

The second is to the TV's LAN port:

We check on the indicators whether the devices are linked. After that, proceed to connect the TV to the local network. Let's start with network cards computer.

Settings on the computer:

There are two options for the development of events:

The first is to simply connect the TV via LAN to a computer without access to the Internet. In this case, it is necessary to network computer prescribe static ip address - let it be with a mask of


On the TV, it will also be necessary to register IP from the same subnet, for example,

The second is to connect the TV through a computer to the Internet. To do this, your computer or laptop must be connected to the Internet via WiFi or USB-modem. Then we simply use the ICS - Internet Connection Sharing mechanism built into Windows. It allows you to allow access to the global network of local clients. For this in network connections choose the one through which you are connected to the Internet and click on it right click the mouse. The properties window of the connection will open in which we are interested in the “Access” tab:

It is necessary to put a checkbox "Allow other network users to use the Internet connection this computer ". Below you should select “Local Area Connection” or “Ethernet” and click OK. In this case, you do not need to prescribe IP addresses — neither on the network card, nor on the TV — everything will be assigned automatically.

Settings on the TV:

On TV, everything is done very simply. As an example, I will consider LG TV. On other brands, despite the external differences in the menu, the meaning of the action is the same - just act the same way.

Go to Settings and go to the Network section:

Go to Settings and go to the Network section:

Select the item Network Setup . A special configuration wizard will open:

A special configuration wizard will open:

Then it all depends on which of the options you have chosen and configured on the computer. If we just connect the computer to the TV via the LAN port, then click on the “Set up connection” button and enter the IP address with the mask .

If you took the second path using the ICS mechanism, then simply click on “Next”. Will start auto tuning network connection:

Click on "Close". That's all - you have successfully connected the TV to the computer via the LAN connector.

I have long wanted to watch a new film on my TV, but I didn’t really want to wait until it was finally shown on the leading channels. Unfortunately, I missed the screening in cinemas, so I had to act according to circumstances. I decided that the best option there will be a normal connection via a network cable - it’s not so difficult, any sequence will master it.
Naturally, I was interested in the fact that you could watch IPTV on TV. In this regard, everything is simple - the computer for the TV becomes a large hard disk. All subsequent manipulations will not affect the work efficiency. The experiment was conducted on SAMSUNG TV LE-32D550. If you have a TV that supports DLNA technology or Ethernet, the connection algorithm is quite simple.

What is needed to connect the TV to the computer

  • TV with RJ-45 connector (LAN port connector)
  • Computer in which there is a network card (integrated is not considered). However, if you do not need to keep the connection to the Internet, you can stay on the integrated map;
  • Network cable. Be sure to check that it is of sufficient length, otherwise you will have to rearrange some of the equipment or buy a longer cable.

Realization of computer connection with a TV via LAN

Realization of computer connection with a TV via LAN

I didn't have extra network card , so I just went to the store and bought a D-link DFE-520TX. I did not go to the store by buying a card. This card must be installed in a special PCI slot in the motherboard, which I did.

After that, I turned on the computer, but operating system (I have Windows 7) installed everything without my participation.

I also found a network cable there. However, you can go to another store - I just offer you my option. The cable was pressed straight, but it doesn’t have any special meaning, you can easily buy a cable that is crimped in the type of crossover. Modern devices As a rule, they work on any type of cable, independently determining what the user offers them.

After that, I connected the computer to the TV with this cable. Now it was necessary to configure the connection. I made everything simple: I downloaded a special one. Before that, I tried to use it, but for some reason it did not work, so I had to look for other options on the network. However, I did not regret anything - HMS has a lot more settings, and it has a function that allows you to broadcast IPTV directly to the TV. Next I will bring short instruction to work with this program:

Movies are dragged to the program window. After pressing the Start button, their broadcast to the TV begins. If you enable it at this point, you can see that the All Share option is available in the Source menu item.

Everything - as you can see, quite simple actions helped me enjoy movies in good quality right on my tv screen. However, this is not all - listening to music and viewing images is available.

Watching IPTV on TV from a computer

At the very beginning I said that I would like to watch IPTV on big screen . Make it a little more difficult, but quite realistic. First you need the VLC media player program (provided that you have already installed HMS).

Immediately answer the question - this program is really necessary, because when broadcasting IPTV HMS can take a stream of video only from it. Of course, there are alternatives, but there are not so many of them, so I took the most famous one. When the video player is unpacked and installed, I tied it to the HMS. It is done this way: Settings-> Media resources-> Internet resources, after which the path to the folder where your player has been installed is written in the appeared window.

It is done this way: Settings-> Media resources-> Internet resources, after which the path to the folder where your player has been installed is written in the appeared window

Now the file with the .mu extension (I found it in the same folder as the program IP-TV Player - it is downloaded from the provider's site) is transferred to HMS (just transfer it to the “Internet TV” folder).

Also such file can be found on the Internet.
The last step remains: in HMS we go through the following path: Settings-> Transcoder-> Transcoding Profile and approx.

There we select the Input stream (Internet TV) and finish the setting. After that, just restart the server, and then go to the "Internet TV" folder on your TV.

What to do?
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