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Greetings, dear friends.

I think many of you have visited at different times the idea that it would be nice to have a website. And, almost certainly, if they were honored, the beginning was due to the so-called " site builders "- free services that offer anyone who wants to make a site in a few clicks. In fact, for a person who does not understand anything (on the basis of HTML and CSS still need to spend a few days) this may seem the best way. But the trouble lies in the fact that sooner or later the services provided will begin to be missed. It doesn’t matter what is to blame: a limited set of site templates, reducing the functionality of existing modules or something else - you will run into the “wall” when you cannot modify the existing one, and you are not allowed to install new scripts (or significant restrictions will not allow you to turn around). But besides this, there is another problem: on sites created with the help of designers, there is almost always annoying advertising that can be removed for a certain amount of money.

The most interesting thing is that the amount for the additional services of the “free site” is comparable (and often even exceeds!) The money that could be spent on the independent purchase of hosting. But people continue to use the old platform, because everything is already set up and working on it. So do designers really offer such good services, and other content management systems (CMS - Content Management System, in common people are called site engines) that need to be installed on some hosting, are losing much?

So do designers really offer such good services, and other content management systems (CMS - Content Management System, in common people are called site engines) that need to be installed on some hosting, are losing much

In fact, most of the popular engines are not something that is not inferior to designers, but even surpasses them in their capabilities. What is important, for them there is a huge number of completely free themes and plug-ins - special modules, extensions, through which the site can be turned into anything.

Let's look at some of the available free engines for sites and try to rank the best or just popular CMS.

All engines work on PHP, databases are used as storage (usually MySQL).

  1. - Wordpress . One of the most popular systems for creating websites. Despite the fact that the blog has a reputation for blogging, you can make absolutely any sites on it. Thousands of plugins will help to make such a site, what you want, and many topics will allow you to choose what you need. And even if the necessary is not found, thanks to the special popularity, you can always find a developer who can make his plan;
  2. - Joomla! . Another popular CMS, but out of the box offers more rich features. The official site presents about 8500 extensions. In addition, you can find many templates to give your site a truly unique look. As in the case of WordPress, there are many developers who are able to perform almost any work on building up the “power” of the engine;
  3. - Drupal . This CMS is rather a CMF (Content Management Framework - framework of the management system) - a convenient designer for the developer (programmer). Indeed, the system is very popular and based on it projects of any complexity are made. The flip side of this - very scarce opportunities at the initial stage. As in the previous engines, the manufacturer’s website contains thousands of extensions and themes that will help, at least at the initial stage;
  4. - TYPO3 . A system with pretty good functionality that can be “screwed up” with extensions. A distinctive feature is a deep setting of access rights and its own template system. This CMS can be called, perhaps, the opposite of Drupal - to configure, you have to “poklatsat” like a mouse. The programmer will be beside himself, but customers will even like it;
  5. - Livestreet . This engine is considered one of the best for creating social networks. Compared to monsters like WP or Joomla, the number of plug-ins and the pattern is rather poor;
  6. - MODX . It is considered an excellent engine for creating mid-level sites. Modex (that is how the name is pronounced correctly) is considered a CMS with one of the most convenient admins, but at the same time it provides, like Drupal, many possibilities for programmers. The disadvantages can be attributed perhaps less popular;
  7. - Dokuwiki . This is a fairly simple, but at the same time, powerful wiki engine. Good for creating documentation or knowledge bases. It does not require databases, that is, everything is stored in regular files, which can be a plus for people using the cheapest tariff plans;
  8. - Php fusion . CMS initially provides a good enough foundation for creating a multifunctional portal. The installation package includes modules for creating forums, file archives, photo galleries and others. With the help of plug-ins, the engine can be expanded with additional features;
  9. - E107 CMS . The engine provides a good starting set, but the system of plug-ins, like those on the official website, is presented in a simple list, without any cataloging. This can make it very difficult to find the required extension;
  10. - Textpattern . From the pros - contains a built-in CSS editor and a Textile converter, with which you can create text without knowledge of HTML. But the admin panel looks rather poor, with an outdated interface. The creators claim that the CMS is equally well suited for blogs and corporate portals, but in fact the engine for this is not very convenient and loses WordPress;
  11. - InstantCMS . This engine allows you to create a blog, message board or city portal with social functions. Included is a forum. Of the minuses - a pretty curved localization (Russian translation) and a very modest slide on the official site, including fifty or so hundreds of scripts (modules, plug-ins, etc.);
  12. - Opencart . Content management system for creating online stores. The official site has a total of almost 14,000 extensions (of which more than 2500 are among them). Unfortunately, most of them are paid, but among the "frish" templates there is something to choose from more than three hundred;
  13. - Prestashop . Another CMS to create a store. Positioned as an engine for small / medium business. Used in more than 140,000 stores. However, almost all additions and topics are paid, although this is probably correct - the likelihood of finding a good free business solution is extremely low.

As you can see, there are free engines for the site, which, in contrast to the designers with their pre-installed functionality, make it quite easy to create an Internet portal of your dreams. Which of the considered CMS to choose - decide on the basis of the tasks that set for you. To create a blog, it is better to choose WordPress, Joomla is suitable for a versatile website, LiveStreet is one of the best candidates for a social network, and with DokuWiki you can make an excellent encyclopedia for anything. But the rest of the engines do not need to be discounted. It is best to try them all, and after that you can consciously make a choice in which situation to which one should prefer. It is impossible to name the best CMS for any site, but you can choose the best after it becomes known what will be the final version.

Friends, please share your opinion: which engine did you choose and why?

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