Video on YouTube with limited access. How to make a video in Youtube inaccessible to all: the secrets of YouTube. The video is available only to selected users or those who have a link. What happens if you set it open access

  1. Reminders about the visibility of your videos
  2. First way
  3. Second way
  4. Third way
  5. Allow other people to make changes to their blog.
  6. Admin lost access to blog
  7. Property disputes on blogs
  8. In these cases, a warning is required for adults.
  9. Add alert for adults

There are videos that contain in the content elements of eroticism, the promotion of cruelty, violence or other type of prohibited information. And the restriction for viewing to persons under the age of 18 is fully justified. But, if you are no longer 18) and you have the right or desire to watch such a video, but instead you are banned, of course, this is annoying. I will reveal to you several hidden features hosting so you can watch videos from limited access YouTube now.

Reminders about the visibility of your videos

If you could previously download longer videos, and if you can no longer do this. However, it will be available for those who will have a link. Understand that anyone on the planet with Internet access will be able to see your video. The remaining 2 options have lower visibility. Let's first look at the so-called private video.

Finally, the last case that is missing in the video. The sequence will not be listed on the Internet, but will be accessible through a simple link. Please note that as the online video platform updates, a new “Planned” mode has appeared. It allows, as its name implies, to determine visibility over time.

First way

This method is to simply download the closed video YouTube. You just need to insert two English "SS" in the address bar, as shown in the screenshot below:

Second way

In the address bar, you need to remove the fragments, as shown in the screenshot below:

If you select the “Unlisted” mode, access to your video will be limited, because you will distribute it to the selected audience. To activate this selected visibility, go to the “Upload” option of your video. Then select the option "Not specified."

Then import the file and wait for the import to take effect. You will then automatically receive a sharing link that you can tell people of your choice. If you want to get this link for previously published videos, go to the "Video Manager". This section is available from your personal channel. Here you will find a general link with your contacts.

Instead of the second fragment “=”, insert “/”, now press the same ENTER and watch the video without any inconvenience!

Third way

Third way

We enter copied in address bar in a new browser window, press ENTER and, voila - watch the video for your pleasure!

And as you can see from the drop-down menu shown above, it is quite possible to change the visibility of a previously published video, be it public or private. Find below a comparison of 4 video platforms to help you publish your video on platforms (platforms) that meet your expectations.

Platform number 1 video, we automatically refer to it to post our videos on the Internet. In other words, if you want to see his video, this is an unsurpassed solution. But what are its real advantages and disadvantages compared to other platforms?

Here, perhaps, that's all! You have learned the most simple ways Watching videos with limited access YouTube - no limits!

Learn how to file a complaint if your video is stolen, as well as subscribe to my channel, and watch useful video tutorials!

The imperfection of the subscription system on YouTube provides all channel subscribers with access to hidden and private videos uploaded by the user.

Its users: if your goal is to distribute your video as widely as possible, it’s here. No restrictions: you can share a video with a basic account with no duration or weight restrictions! Although the community is relatively small, the advantage is that you watch the video High Quality . No ads: no ads do not interfere with viewing or do not interfere with watching a video.

  • Price: Free!
  • Advertising: displayed at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the video.
  • Visibility.
  • Property: with this platform, you retain full ownership of the downloaded content.
  • This optimizes the content of videos and the overall quality of its services.
  • Community of professionals.
  • Video storage: limit to 500 MB per week with a free account.
  • Commercial content.
  • This platform prohibits downloading videos for commercial purposes.
  • Glory: Lack of fame with the general public.

With this platform you can easily post videos to promote your business and new products or services.

For a start, a quick introduction on what types of videos can be found on YouTube.

Public is a regular video, available to everyone from the search, from subscriptions, from the channel page, from related.
Unlisted - available to anyone, but only for a direct link; excluded from the search.
Private - available only to certain users.

Of course, the video with the Unlisted and Private privacy settings are not displayed in the subscriptions and on the channel of the user who downloaded them. However, YouTube’s subscription alert system is not perfect and, thanks to it, in certain cases, channel subscribers get access to these videos.

Call to action: in a marketing video, it is important to integrate an effective call to action so that your audience performs the required actions. Statistics: measurement for better understanding and acting is the key to marketing.

  • Price: packages are relatively expensive compared to other platforms.
  • These packages provide access to the benefits of this platform.

Conclusion: We use these 4 platforms daily in our projects and in accordance with our needs. We recommend not to be shy about choosing several platforms for broadcasting your video.

Here we must make a small digression and say that very often these two privacy options are used by popular users to upload new videos. Initially, such a video is filled with the Unlisted or Private flag, after which the author waits for its complete processing (by default, the video becomes available to users even before YouTube has created several quality options), perhaps adds annotations and only after that makes it Public. The imperfection of the YouTube alert system is that it helpfully reports that the user has uploaded a new video, despite the fact that he has the Unlisted or Private flag:

Everyone has their advantages, just to find the right application. Make your games, nothing happens! Playlists and public videos can be viewed by everyone and shared with anyone. Private playlists and videos can be viewed only by you and the users you selected. Listed playlists and videos can be viewed and shared by anyone who has a link. Private video can be viewed only by you and the users you choose. You can share a private video with other users on e-mail if you want to watch it.

From the screenshot, this may not be entirely clear, but this list shows several videos uploaded a long time ago (much earlier 9 hours ago), while downloading a new video, according to YouTube, took place 9 hours ago. The bug that leads to this is as follows: regardless of what privacy setting the user has chosen, his channel automatically rises in the list of all subscribers with a notification that the user has downloaded a new video. Setting privacy only affects whether the video is shown in the accompanying list. In this example, 9 hours ago, the user uploaded a new Private video, and all his subscribers were immediately notified about this (although they did not get access to the video itself).

Fixed videos can be viewed and shared by anyone who has a link. Anyone who has a link can return it. For example, you can send it or add a video to a public playlist.

  • Find the video you want to edit, then click Edit.
  • Click "Save Changes."

To share a video that is not in the list, just share the link with the people you want to access, and then you can view them.

Subscriptions for a subscription We use the time when the video was set to "Community" to determine its placement in the "Subscriptions" feed. This means that after it is installed as “Public”, the video will appear in the “Subscriptions” feed. Notifications If enabled, your subscribers will receive notifications about the public video when.

In principle, this story could end on this, because subscribers could not see private video . However, the YouTube notification system is not limited to site boundaries — at will, an email with the same content comes every week. Opening it, we see:

Allow other people to make changes to their blog.

  • Download public video for the first time.
  • First, change the settings for videos from Private or Unlisted to Public.

You can determine who can make changes to your blog and who can read it. When a person accepts the invitation, he will be included in the list of authors. Up to 100 people can be added to the blog.

Note. To post and manage blog posts, invited authors or administrators must have them. Adding or deleting other administrators and authors Editing settings or blog template Editing or deleting any posts. Add and edit your posts. . Blogs must have at least one administrator.

Despite the privacy settings, YouTube notified subscribers about the uploaded video, showed it on the list and helpfully provided a link to watch. If this video is Unlisted, then anyone who has a direct link can watch it. In this case, this video turned out to be Private, so when watching it instead of video, we get this:

Admin lost access to blog

If you want a person to become an administrator, open the menu next to her name and select “Administrator”. If the administrator loses access to the blog, authorization must be returned by another administrator.

Property disputes on blogs

A selection of people who can view the blog. By default, your blog is public and everyone can read it online. To change people who can see your blog.

If you want someone to no longer access your blog, you can cancel your access. Click Delete this user from the person you want to delete. Restrict access if the blog contains adult content. If your blog is dedicated to topics or uses adult language, you need to add a warning page to show it before people turn to the blog.

In this case, the potential damage from this is small: this video is just another part of the video passage of the game with comments, temporarily hidden by the author due to the fact that it is still being processed. However, in the same notification letter I also found much more personal videos that were already hidden for the very reason that they were not for prying eyes:

In these cases, a warning is required for adults.

Notification of adult content is not required in the following cases.

Nude presentations for documentary and non-sexual purposes Nude presentations for clear educational, documentary, scientific or artistic purposes. Pornographic or sexually explicit. . If you believe that your blog contains content that is not suitable for all ages, you can choose to display a content warning.

Add alert for adults

Transfer blog to new owner

To move a blog property from one user to another, follow these steps:

  • Follow the steps above so others can edit the blog.
  • Cancel access to the original blog owner.

To change the name of the original blog post, the new blog owner will need to delete and post again.

Unlike the one mentioned above, these videos were with the flag Unlisted, not Private, and were available for viewing by the link from the letter. For ethical reasons, proof-screenshots of these videos do not cite here.

A notification email arrives once a week (to all appearances, on Mondays) and tells you about all uploaded videos for the past week. Includes personal and hidden from video of the honeymoon or wedding. Tells all subscribers.

In the first half of the year, we launched a gesture that allows you to move forward or backward quickly for 10 seconds by double-clicking the right or left part of the video
In the first half of the year, we launched a gesture that allows you to move forward or backward quickly for 10 seconds by double-clicking the right or left part of the video. Over the next few months, we’ll have a feature that allows you to switch from one video to another by moving your hand on the screen: just scroll left to view the previous or right video to see the next one. And here is the icing on the cake!

Another chapter relates to the speed of implementation. This means that you can always take advantage of optimal viewing, even vertical video, without the usual black bars on the sides. How does the desktop version change? Because there is nothing more important than the creators and content that we all love. On the Internet today, everything on the web is “social” and seems to be in the public domain, but it’s much better to remain private. Most of the photos and videos are personal memories that many people don’t want to show anyone.

But what are its real advantages and disadvantages compared to other platforms?
How does the desktop version change?
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