How to transfer a large file by mail. How to send video by email

  1. How to send a video by email?
  2. How to send a large file?
  3. Sending by attachment
  4. Upload to file sharing
  5. Upload to video hosting
  6. Conclusion
  7. 2. Write a letter
  8. 3. Attach a video to the letter.
  9. 4. Send email with video

Email is a very convenient and versatile tool. With the same success, it can be used both for business communication with colleagues and business partners, and for entertainment purposes to communicate with friends and close people. At the dawn of the development of a computer network, Internet users e-mail exchanged mostly text messages. With the expansion of the channel and an increase in the speed of the Internet connection of the end users, the opportunity appeared to send and receive multimedia files. Currently, an entire video can be sent via e-mail.
How to email a small video

Emailing a small video is easy. To do this, you need to attach the video file to the letter as a regular attachment is attached - MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other files stored on your hard drive. Let us consider in detail the whole process on the example of Yandex mail.
Emailing a small video is easy
How to send great video by email
Any email service has a fixed size limit. transfer files . Its value in different services may be different. In Yandex, the maximum allowed file size attached to a letter is 30 MB. Here you need to say that not all mail services can receive a file larger than 10 MB in size. Therefore, it is necessary to send large-sized video in another way.

If you are concerned about the confidentiality of information, please note that the addresses of the files on Yandex.Video are available only to you and the people to whom you communicate them. But as soon as links to these addresses appear on the Internet somewhere on open resources, the rest can get access to your videos.

Let's look at this unusual situation. Suppose you have a video that you would like to send to your friend or relative. How to do it? In fact, the easiest way is to upload a video to the same or to social network , set the privacy settings for it and send the link to your friend. As soon as he receives it, he can open it in the browser and enjoy the recording without downloading the video to a computer. However, many users still do not dare to upload videos in this way, especially when it comes, for example, in a juicy video clip. In this case, it is better to send it by mail.

How to send a video by email?

I will use company mail as an example. I will say right away that in fact there is simply no difference between postal services in this regard, which you can see for yourself. So let's go.

We go to Yandex, in the right part we see a square with the inscription "Mail". Enter your username and password.

Enter your username and password

So we ended up in our inbox. At the top of the screen there is a “Write” icon, which is what we need - click on it.

At the top of the screen there is a “Write” icon, which is what we need - click on it

At the bottom of the screen is a large button "Attach a file." Click on it and attach our file.

The process is called, went.

Now the video is loaded, you can send a letter to the addressee.

This process is complete.

How to send a large file?

The size of the file attached to the letter is only 30 MB. If your video is much larger in size, then you can use Yandex.Disk. In fact, the system will do everything for you - you also upload the file, as I showed in the previous case, but the file will automatically be uploaded to Yandex.Disk, and your addressee along with the letter will receive a link to download the file.

In principle, it is quite convenient, but there are a couple of features. Firstly, you can upload a file to Yandex.Disk that does not exceed 2 GB in size. And secondly, at least a link to this file only you and your acquaintance will see; if it gets into the network, anyone can download the video. Do not forget about it.

And, as I said earlier, this method is also relevant for other mail services. The difference can only be in the allowable size of the attached file.

Once we wrote letters by hand and sent them to our friends and relatives by mail, to which you first had to walk. And it came to the addressee only in a few days, or even weeks. With the advent of e-mail, everything has changed - now it takes just a few minutes to send someone an email, and within a couple of seconds it reaches the addressee. But this is not all the opportunities that gave us new technologies. Now, in the same way, you can send not only text messages, but also photos, and even videos. This allows us to be even closer to those who are very far away and to share their impressions with friends even brighter! If you have not yet taken advantage of this opportunity, then read how to send a video by e-mail, and rather sell it.

Almost all the services on which you can register mailbox , have built-in functions for sending images, audio and video files. But they all have limitations due to their size. That is why, before sending a video by e-mail, you need to make sure that the file meets the established criteria. Let's consider several options for sending them, depending on the size.

Sending by attachment

Most mail services allow you to transfer records that do not exceed 20-30 MB. If your video is very short and weighs no more than the set maximum rate, then this is very easy to do.

Go to your mailbox and create a new letter. Lead the subject and are planning to post it. Further, if necessary, write a text message. Now it remains to attach the video. Below, under the form for entering text, you will see the "Attach a file" icon. A window opens to select the desired file. Select the video to send and click "Open." It will be downloaded and attached to your letter. Nearby you will see the name and size of the attached file. You can send.

You can send

However, if for ordinary text message 20 MB is more than enough, as a rule, there is no video file. If your video weighs more, you can choose one of the following ways to send a video by email.

Upload to file sharing

There are a number of file-sharing services that allow uploading large-sized photos and videos on them - from 2 to 10 GB. Many of them are free and do not even require prior registration. You just need to upload the file by clicking the "Add File" button. After that you will get a link to it. But how to send a video by mail uploaded to a similar resource? Just in the letter you specify a link to it, and the recipient will be able to click on it and watch your video.

This option is good because the video does not even have to download. It will simply open in the browser and that's it. The quality will not suffer at all.

Upload to video hosting

There is another way to send a video by email if it is heavy. Here any video hosting will help us. Two of the most popular are YouTube (known worldwide) and Yandex.Video (quite popular in Russia). What is required of you?

First, register on the selected site - it does not take much time. Then upload your video by clicking the "Add Video" button. By the way, you can immediately record it, if you wish, to do this, select "Record from webcam". The maximum downloadable video on Yandex.Video should not exceed a lot, about 1.5 hours quality video ), on "YouTube" - 2 GB. Almost any file formats are supported, which means you are absolutely free to choose them.

In addition, you can choose the level of privacy for the uploaded movie. For example, to make it visible to everyone, only for friends or exclusively for themselves. In addition, if access to the video is open, you can turn off comments on it. The following steps are simple: you need to copy the direct link to your clip and send the video by e-mail by inserting this link into the letter.

Sending to Hotmail

Is it possible to somehow turn the idea with a roller without loading it on foreign resources? How to send video by mail without the use of file hosting and hosting? You can do this by creating a mailbox in the right place. The Hotmail mail service allows you to attach files, including videos, to as many as 10 GB in size! Here you can easily send powerful videos without additional and tedious manipulations. Also, if the file is very large, you can divide it into equal parts using (for example, in the case of DVD files).


We hope the tips in this article on how to send a video by email will be useful to you. Each of the options considered has its advantages and takes into account the different features of the downloaded video files. Make your communication with dear people even warmer - record videos and share them easily.

When you need to send a video file to a friend or colleague, you don’t know how to do it - do not despair. You will find the answer in this article in stages and with detailed comments. All mailboxes are very similar in functionality and their options, we will take all the examples in this article from gmail mail . If you are the owner of Yandex e-mail, Rambler or, then all the steps will be approximately the same.

Go to your email inbox and find the field "Write" or "Write a letter." Click it to start posting a video to a message. A window for typing a text message will appear. At the very bottom you will find a set of special icons. Among them, find a small paper clip and click on it once with the left mouse button.

Now, using the folder navigation in the left part of the window, find the directory you need, and then click on right video once. Click Submit. After that, your video will be successfully uploaded and, by clicking "Send", transferred to the recipient. Please note that the file weight should not exceed 250 MB. Nowadays, video files with such a small amount are extremely rare, therefore, in the next steps you will be shown how to download a surround video that exceeds this threshold.

Do not close the message sending window in the mailbox. In the second tab of the browser, open Google Drive and click "Go to Google Drive."

All files that you previously downloaded to your Google Disk will appear on the screen. Now you need to upload your video here. On the left side, find the button "Create", click on it.

In the drop-down list, click on the field "Upload files".

Again, select your video in the folder directory. Click "Open".

The download will be displayed in the lower right corner in a small window. white color . Wait until it is finished.

As soon as the following message appears, click on the file name in it.

You will see the downloaded video. You need to open access to it to other users. To do this, in the upper right corner, find three vertical points - this is the menu of the video file, click on them. Select the first line “Open Access”.

In the new small window you need the uppermost right line - in gray it says “Open access by reference”. Click on it.

A ready link of your video will immediately appear, copy it to the clipboard by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + C and click “Finish”.

Go back to the mailbox window and select the triangle icon at the very bottom. Under it will be signed "Insert links to files in Google Drive.

Insert your video link into the topmost line by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + V. Or, select the video from the list below. You can also simply paste the link into the text message input box, but the method shown in this paragraph will make the presentation much more beautiful and more convenient.

For clarity of instructions, watch the video on how to insert a video in an e-mail using the example of Yandex:

2. Write a letter

After you log into your mailbox, click the Write button in the upper left corner of the screen. In the window that appears, in the required fields, enter the addressee, subject and text of your letter.

3. Attach a video to the letter.

Click the paperclip icon at the bottom of the window, select the file you want to send on your computer or external media, and wait a few seconds for your video to load. Once the file download is complete, you can send an email.

Once the file download is complete, you can send an email

Please note that in this way you can upload only small video files up to 25 MB in size - these are the limitations of Gmail. If you use another mail service, read its rules - perhaps it also limits the sending of large files. How to send a great video by email? Below you will find two easy ways to do this.

  • Reduce the size of your video. Try to compress the video to be sent by mail using the program Movavi Video Converter and our to reduce the size of video files. It should be remembered that this procedure will reduce the quality of your video. If the file size after compression is no more than 25 MB, you can send it by attaching to email as described in Step 3.
  • Upload video to the Web. If the first method does not suit you and you cannot send large-sized videos by mail, you can try to upload it to the Internet, for example, YouTube, and then drop the video link to anyone you want to show it to. If you do not have a YouTube account, you can easily fix it - it will help you on how to create your own YouTube channel.

With the Movavi video converter, you can prepare a video for uploading to the Network by simply selecting a ready profile with settings for popular sites. Having added a video to a web resource, copy the necessary link and paste it into your email.

4. Send email with video

Whatever method you choose, the last step remains the same: click the Send button and wait for the addressee to receive your letter.

How to send a video by email?
How to send a large file?
How to do it?
How to send a video by email?
How to send a large file?
But how to send a video by mail uploaded to a similar resource?
What is required of you?
How to send video by mail without the use of file hosting and hosting?
How to send a great video by email?
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